Marcus Hiles on Architectural Advancements

Real estate developer Marcus Hiles has been making stunning communities all over Texas for the last thirty years. His achievement can be attributed to his one-of-a -kind vision of lavish living that has driven his projects—but also by being well informed about design trends and knowing the most looked-for styles that people need. Massive changes have affected what is expected of room partitions, exteriors and even the possible purposes of homes themselves: advanced architectural developments have led to net-zero energy buildings that create a balance between their total energy consumption with the amount of renewable energy they create, while passive and active houses offer two energy conservation processes for getting rid of all heating and cooling bills. Beyond this exhilarating progress in construction methods, drastic transformations are bringing more ease, space and light into today’s spaces and redesigning the way we live.

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Marcus Hiles - Endorses Luxurious Lifestlye Facilities of Dallas Rental Communities

Aside from being on the list of the top ten biggest metropolitan areas in the U.S., there are more things that Dallas have in common with New York and Los Angeles. Marcus Hiles, a real estate developer in Texas, founds out that the individual population of all three urban areas comprise of more renters than houseowners. In fact, renters occupy 55.9 percent of the total number of households in Dallas. Until 2023 or beyond, the number of renters in the country is predicted to increase by 500,000 every year; this goes to show that tenancy is becoming a more preferable option than home ownership among Americans. The housing expenses of homeowners are actually greater compared to that of renters. While the total yearly house payments may become less compared to the annual rental cost, the rental lifestyle still prevails as a more advantageous option for the reason that there are upkeep expenses and steeper utility bills involved in homeowning.

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Marcus Hiles Encourages Dallas Renters to Concentrate on Lifestyle Amenities

Marcus Hiles, Chairman and CEO of Western Rim Property Services, urges Dallas tenants to get the most value out of their housing dollars by searching out communities that offer resort-like amenities. “There’s no need to feel suffocated in a boxy apartment complex when you can thrive in surroundings that reflect the lifestyle you envision,” he states. Hiles encourages potential renters to prioritize services and facilities that match their interests. Animal owners could discover properties that offer a private off-leash dog park, convenient waste stations, and nearby pet-sitting services, veterinarians, and groomers. “Families with children should find developments located in superior school districts, and that provide on-property parks, playgrounds, and activity areas,” Hiles notes. Similarly, avid golfers could move into communities that include nearby course privileges and have stunning golf course views, while fitness buffs might select properties with state-of-the-art fitness centers, ready access to personal trainers, and jogging trails.

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Marcus Hiles - Practices Environmental Responsibility in Developing Communities

One of the core philosophies of Marcus Hiles, a commended Texas real estate developer, is environmental conservation. For him, it is an obligation to develop communities that are filled with nature and contribute to the effort of reducing humanity’s carbon footprint. Hiles’ love for the environment as Chairman and CEO of Western Rim Property Services is reflected to over 15,000 high-class rental townhomes and apartments found in the Lone Star State. One of his building practices that focus on the welfare of the environment is installing appliances that have an ENERGY STAR seal provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Since the 1992 launching of this program, the application of ENERGY STAR in the U.S. has resulted to the reduction of 283.2 million metric tons in carbon dioxide emissions. Approximately 50 percent has been reduced in the annual utility costs of the ordinary Texan, which are $1650 for electric bills and $400 for natural gas.

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Marcus Hiles Delivers Luxury Living Surrounded By Natural Beauty Of Texas

For Western Rim Properties Chairman and Founder Marcus Hiles, luxurious design and eco-friendly housing are both incredibly important. The legendary real estate developer who singlehandedly altered the Texas rental market with his concept of luxury apartments and townhomes has maintained the highest standards for protecting the environment. Hiles’ upscale rentals are seamlessly integrated into the surrounding landscape, crafted with sustainably minded practices and featuring modern, energy-efficient amenities. Western Rim has truly made lavish living eco-friendly.

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Marcus Hiles -`Tells How Can a Texas Luxury Renter Have More Happiness

Texas’ market for elegant living is thriving. Western Rim Property Services’ Chairman and CEO Marcus Hiles tells that renters can expect more upscale rental properties standing in the Lone Star State, giving them an opportunity to have an extravagant lifestyle. “More and more people prefer renting an abode, especially the retirees, families, empty nesters, and singles,” he mentions. “There is also an anticipated increase of 500,000 renters every year across the U.S. through the year of 2023.”

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