Marcus Hiles, CEO at Western Rim Property Services, is a guiding light in environmental matters, and is always well ahead of the game in innovating ecological solutions for his properties. He has long spoken about the importance of protecting the local environment, and this vision has become integral to his company philosophy and has ensured it has retained an excellent reputation amongst buyers in the market. So what aspects of the Western Rim projects have made the projects so ecologically-friendly?

To begin with the sites on which the properties are developed have been chosen to use the natural environments as unobtrusively as possible, and to integrate the houses into the landscape. They utilize natural parks, forests and rivers in the design of the complexes, without spoiling the natural habitats that is already in existence. Not only does this make them far more pleasant for the residents living there, but maintains some level of aesthetic expectation of the wider community who of course may be tired of such development projects. An excellent way to appreciate the depth of research undertaken would be to visit the Frisco Texas Mansions development.

The designs of the apartments themselves are also created with an eye to keeping the ecological footprint of the developments as low as possible. They use weather stripping,  reflective radiant barrier roof decking in the attic, dual pane low e-windows, and top of the range sound insulation. All the units are serviced by HVAC systems, which uses 39% less energy than the standard. CFL and LED light bulbs are used to further reduce energy usage, and all the landscape systems are designed using water conserving irrigation systems. Every aspect of these projects underline the commitment of Marcus D. Hiles to creating sustainable, eco-friendly projects.

So, although the ecological, ‘green’ movement is currently in full swing, with climate change and other environmental concerns seemingly dominating the agenda of current affairs programs, property developers,are under increasing pressure by residents and potential buyers alike to conform to environmental regulations and ensure the reduction of the ecological footprint these projects may have on the surrounding areas. While many companies struggle financially and ethically to ensure their developments meet environmental standards, some have excelled in this area and through a well maintained vision of integrity and commitment have become beacons in this most competitive of markets. Such a property developer is Marcus Hiles. And if further proof is necessary of his unswerving devotion to all things green, a visit to Conroe Texas Real Estate should appease even the most cynical.

Marcus Hiles realized very early on the importance of maintaining a strong company vision and philosophy. First and foremost is a commitment to upholding the highest standards in design specification by using only the very best materials the housing market has to offer. For example, the marble-floored entrance hallways and granite-faced counter tops in the kitchens and bathrooms.

Indeed, it is not overstating the case that Marcus Hiles has become the fulcrum around whom discussions rage over the future of living in modern America. Marcus Hiles is the CEO of the Texan property developers Western Rim Property Services, and has overseen the development of over 25,000 apartments and homes during his tenure. His designs have all centered around the idea of residential communities, and building a strong community spirit amongst those who appreciate exclusive and sumptuous living in a modern, rural environment. His projects have so far proved hugely successful, and inspired many professional men and women to make the move to to the stunning Texan countryside. For more on these projects, please see, Marcus Hiles, Dallas News – Real Estate’

Also of vital importance has been Marcus Hiles’ determination to reduce the environmental impact the developments have on the surrounding landscape. This is seen through way the buildings are designed- incorporating key aspects of the natural landscapes into the architectural vision. They cultivate and use natural woodlands, rivers and parklands, into the design to provide beautiful surroundings for the residents as well as ensuring the area remains aesthetically pleasing to the wider community.

The materials used to construct the buildings maintain and exceed standard regulations, and state-of-the-art power regulation devices are installed to ensure maximum energy efficiency, reducing use up to 39% compared to the industry standard. On top of this Western Rim Property Services devote a significant amount of research to help the wider community. They hope their projects can boost the economic prosperity of the areas by encouraging new businesses and commerce to the area. To find out more about the company and the CEO himself check out Marcus Hiles, Dallas, Texas News