Aside from being on the list of the top ten biggest metropolitan areas in the U.S., there are more things that Dallas have in common with New York and Los Angeles. Marcus Hiles, a real estate developer in Texas, founds out that the individual population of all three urban areas comprise of more renters than houseowners. In fact, renters occupy 55.9 percent of the total number of households in Dallas. Until 2023 or beyond, the number of renters in the country is predicted to increase by 500,000 every year; this goes to show that tenancy is becoming a more preferable option than home ownership among Americans. The housing expenses of homeowners are actually greater compared to that of renters. While the total yearly house payments may become less compared to the annual rental cost, the rental lifestyle still prevails as a more advantageous option for the reason that there are upkeep expenses and steeper utility bills involved in homeowning.

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